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There was a time when damaged sewer or drain pipes needed to be replaced because there was no other option. Now, there is technology available to strengthen your existing pipes without having to replace them.

The technique is called pipe lining (or pipe relining). It is a trenchless method of pipe repair that requires no excavation and preserves your landscaping.

Allens Plumbing is the industry leader in trenchless sewer restoration. We carry out professional pipe lining, pipe bursting, and pipe coating services that leave your plumbing system flowing like new again. We have been serving the areas throughout Oahu and Maui since 1982, and our team understands the unique plumbing needs of our customers.

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What is the Pipe Lining Process?

  • All pipe lining jobs are preceded by a video pipe inspection to locate any blockages.
  • Tree roots, sludge, grease, and other debris are flushed out using water jetting.
  • Video inspection is carried out again to make sure there are no further blockages.
  • An inflatable bladder holding epoxy liner is inserted into the pipe.
  • The bladder is then inflated, molding the epoxy against the pipe’s interior.
  • Upon removing the bladder, the epoxy stays in place (cured in place) and given time to harden.
  • We then go through with one last video inspection to ensure that the relining job has been successful.
  • The hardened epoxy acts as a “new pipe” within your existing pipe.

Is There Any Digging Involved?

Pipe lining does not involve the type of excavation required in traditional pipe replacement. We only need to dig a small hole to get to the access point. From there, we insert the bladder holding the epoxy liner. After the job is complete, we cover the hole with no further disturbance to the rest of your property.

What are the Advantages of Trenchless Technology?

  • Save money: With trenchless pipe lining, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars to restore your landscaping or property.
  • Save time: Pipe lining can be done in one day, without the noise and mess that comes with excavation.
  • Stronger pipe: After the new epoxy liner hardens, your existing pipe becomes watertight and stronger than PVC. It is expected to last at least 50 years.
  • Flexible: We are able to reline small sections of your pipe or the entire system; this will be determined after video inspection.

If you have been alerted to a damaged sewer or drain pipe in your home, trenchless pipe relining may be a viable and economical alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Pipe relining offers all of the benefits of a replacement pipe, but without the hassles such as excavation and property disruption.

Put your trust in Allens Plumbing, the leaders in trenchless sewer restoration. This is our specialty. We stay up to date with industry developments and continue to use the most advanced technology available.

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