Solar Water Heater Services in Oahu & Maui

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Solar water heaters have become quite popular in recent years, mostly due to the general movement towards “green energy” applications and concerns over rising costs of energy. We use hot water for washing dishes, showers, laundry, and more, so why not utilize the sun’s renewable energy to heat water and reduce your carbon footprint?

If you’re looking for alternative ways to heat your water, then reach out to our team at Allens Plumbing. We are the top solar water heater service in Oahu and Maui, HI. We handle everything from solar water heater installation to repair and replacement.

Solar Water Heater Installation - Allens Plumbing

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What Is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater uses sunlight to heat water. Energy is generated through thermal panels that are usually installed on the roof of your house. The panels absorb solar energy needed to heat the water in your home before it ends up in the reservoir tank for storage.

There are various types of solar hot water systems so it’s important to seek professional advice on the right type for your hot water needs. Discuss your options with our experts to help you make the right decision for efficient and effective operation.

Professional Solar Water Heater Installation

Like any other type of water heater, your solar water heater needs to be installed by a professional. This is a critical step that you can’t afford to overlook. Allens Plumbing offers top-notch solar water heater installation services in Oahu and Maui.

Our highly trained team will make sure your new heater is appropriately sized and connected so you can enjoy years of excellent, energy-efficient performance. If you already have a solar water heater and it’s not performing as it should or requires frequent repairs, then it may be time for a replacement.

Solar Water Heater Installation - Allens Plumbing

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Need Solar Water Heater Repair?

To get the best performance from your solar water heater, you need to ensure all components are in proper working condition. But even with the best care, your unit will need repairs at some point. When that time comes, you can count on us to take care of your solar water heater repair needs.

Our plumbers can fix anything that might be wrong with your system, from thermostat problems and electrical issues to sediment build-up and leaks. Need emergency service? We’re available day and night.

Take the first step to an eco-friendlier lifestyle by installing a solar water heater. Allens Plumbing is your go-to contractor for solar water heater installation and repair services in Oahu and Maui, HI. Call us today at 808-599-5511 or 808-877-6370 to speak to an expert and schedule an appointment.