Reputable Oahu & Maui Burst Pipe Repair

Don’t let a burst pipe cause widespread water damage to your home. As soon as you notice a pipe has burst, call Allens Plumbing at 808-599-5511 or 808-877-6370, and we will send someone out right away with a solution.

Since 1982, Allens Plumbing has been providing the highest quality plumbing services to the people of Oahu and Maui, HI, and this includes burst pipe repair. The thought of having one of your pipes burst is unsettling to most people, which is why it’s important to have a reputable solution ready to provide the solution you need.

Burst Pipe Repair Services - Allens Plumbing

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Common Causes of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be caused by a range of different issues, some of which are quite extreme and some more mundane.

Here are a few:

  • Basic clogged pipes: As the pressure builds over time from constant clogs, the pipe weakens, and burst pipes become more common.
  • Serious Weather: Torrential rains and strong winds can cause the earth to shift and affect your pipes, possibly causing them to burst.
  • Renovations: Basic home renos can be the catalyst that causes a pipe to burst from digging or landscaping.
  • Tree Roots: When a tree's roots branch out in search of water, they may encounter your underground pipes. If those pipes have been weakened for any reason, they may end up bursting.

Burst Pipe Prevention Tips

Scheduling regular plumbing inspections and doing your part to keep your drains clear are two actions you can take to keep burst pipes at bay. Homeowners can’t always help it if there is a burst pipe, but being proactive will certainly lessen the possibility.

Time Is of the Essence

Naturally, where burst pipes are concerned you don’t have much time to lose. It is important to act quickly and call for help to minimize the damage and reduce the amount of cleanup required. When you call, be sure to clearly state what is happening and follow all instructions given by our team.

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Working with Trusted Professionals

When you sign on for burst pipe repair with Allens Plumbing, you can be sure you’ll get prompt, complete service every time. Enjoy the following perks and more when you choose to work with us:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Licensed technicians who spot the source of the problem and perform a rapid repair.
  • Our goal is same day service with a two-hour service window.
  • Most advanced sewer restoration technology in the industry.
  • Authorized dealer of Rheem, Rinnai and AO Smith water heaters.

Burst pipes are some of the most serious plumbing emergencies for homeowners in Oahu and Maui, HI. Don’t let your home suffer severe water damage and call 808-599-5511 or 808-877-6370 right away for professional burst pipe repair services.