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Homeowners in Pearl City, HI experience both the beauty and destruction caused by mother nature. During hurricane season, heavy rains can do a number on your property's plumbing and sewer lines. That's why it is essential to have a plumber you can trust on speed dial should you experience broken water or sewer line. Allens Plumbing has been the team that many homes and business owners call when they experience a plumbing emergency. As an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau, we take customer service seriously. When you call for service, you can rest assured we will listen to your needs and provide a solution that works.

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Comprehensive Plumbing Repair & Installation

Residential plumbing repair and installation is not something you should take lightly. A healthy plumbing system will help keep your household running smoothly, and having access to a quality plumbing team when things go wrong is crucial. When you call us in for a burst pipe repair, trenchless sewer repair, or gas leak detection, we will take the time to uncover the root cause of the problem.

We will also do our best to arrive the same day you call and will give you a short, two-hour service window so you won’t need to spend all day waiting for us. Whether you need repair, replacement, a new installation, or ongoing maintenance, we are your one-stop-shop.

Expert Water Heater Repair & Installation

Have you noticed any signs that your water heater requires some expert attention? If you see water pooling by the tank, notice rust-colored water coming from your faucets, feel cold blasts of water when it should be hot, or feel reduced water pressure, it’s time for repairs or a replacement. We are authorized dealers of Rheem, Rinnai, and AO Smith water heaters, so we can always provide you with the results you need.

Is Hydrojetting the Right Solution for Your Drains?

If your drains are clogged, backed up, or just draining slowly, you may benefit from hydrojetting services. Hydrojetting is an effective drain cleaning method which sends a highly pressurized stream of water through your pipes to clear major obstructions from your drain or sewer system.

Hydrojetting is more heavy-duty than traditional methods of pipe cleaning, like using snakes or augers, because it unblocks obstructions much more easily. Not only will hydrojetting clear your pipes, but it will minimize the risk of backups, future clogs, and leaks from pipe failures. It can also help improve your home’s water pressure.

No matter what is blocking your pipes, whether it is soap, hair, food, grease, tree roots, or even mineral deposits, hydrojetting is often the answer to eliminating these obstructions. Hydrojetting is easy on your pipes, so it doesn’t compromise the integrity of your system, unlike other methods. It can even help extend the life of your pipes.

If tough clogs are a problem in your home, Allens Plumbing is a phone call away. We’ll assess the issue and determine if hydrojetting is the right solution.

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Trusted Plumbing Services in Pearl City, HI

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Gas Lines
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hydrojetting
  • Sewer Lines
  • Trenchless Sewers
  • Repiping Services
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Clogged Toilet Repair
  • Sump Pumps
  • Septic Tank Plumbing
  • Slab Leak
  • Water Softeners
  • Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation
  • Backflow Testing and Certification
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Commercial Plumbing

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