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Understanding Hydro-jetting

From grown men with shovels in dark sewer tunnels to hand-digging hollowed logs, things have gotten way easier with technology regarding keeping sewer lines clean.

With modern piping, the best methods for cleaning out sewer lines have been drain augers and hydro-jetting. Drain augers are usually the first go-to for drain problems, but hydro-jetting is the final answer when serious sewer line problems are found.

Hydro-jetting is the best solution for drain cleaning because it takes care of the problems that other solutions leave behind. When augers are used, the main sewer clog may be dealt with, but the process does little to address dirty sewer pipes that make clogs far more likely. Hydro-jetting, instead of leaving nasty grime on the walls of sewer lines that slow down the flow of waste, blasts grime off the walls of pipes while also pulverizing materials that form clogs. This leaves pipes free of clogs but also completely clean. Here are a few specific instances where hydro-jetting is king.

Dealing with Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots are a common cause of massive sewer line problems. When tree roots get into sewer lines, the clogs they form as they collect waste and debris can completely cripple a sewer line. Drain augers can do a lot of good chewing up roots, but they don’t push them completely back, leaving the root (pun intended) problem to fester and occur again.

Hydro-jetting completely severs all roots that invade sewer lines. This high-pressure drain cleaning method destroys roots all along the pipe and ensures they can’t easily come back. The pressure cuts through nasty clogs and leaves the inside of pipes free of all obstructions from roots giving homeowners peace of mind that nasty clogs won’t happen again.

Scrubbing Away Grease

Another common problem in sewer lines, especially in commercial sewers, is grease buildup along the inside pipe walls. This occurs when grease that should be discarded in the trash or caught by grease traps makes it into sewer lines, where it congeals on the walls. This interrupts the flow and causes terrible drain clogs.

The only way to properly deal with grease-based clogs is to get the grease out of the pipes. All other drain cleaning methods fail when compared to hydro-jetting because hydro-jetting removes the grease causing the issues. This feature makes hydro jets the weapon of choice for preventative drain cleaning to stop clogged drains before they start.

Disposing of Non-Flushable Materials

The final main cause of clogged drains is non-flushable debris finding its way into sewer pipes. When materials like wipes and hygiene products end up in sewer lines, they sink to the bottom and obstruct flow. These obstructions slowly gather more and more debris until drains run slow or clog altogether.

The power of hydro-jetting is the only thing that can definitively remove them. With powerful cutting action, non-flushable materials are pulverized and washed away. As an added measure, the scrubbing action of hydrojets ensures that no more material is left in the pipe.

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