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Home Repiping 101

If one recently moved into or owns an old home, chances are it is time to replace at least some of the piping. Plumbing systems don’t require a lot of maintenance and rarely ever need replacement. However, there are some circumstances when replacement is the best or only option. 

The information below goes further into detail about how to spot when repiping is needed and what it takes to get the job done right. Sure, it might seem like a big chunk of money upfront, but home repiping is sometimes the only way to save the homeowner money in the end. 

When It’s Needed

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When plumbing emergencies occur, they don’t usually end in the need for home repiping. However, there are times when repiping is necessary. Maybe the pipes are old, or perhaps there is too much damage to repair. That said, there are specific signs that point to the need for home repiping. 

These signs include: 

  • The water doesn’t smell right
  • The temperature doesn’t change like it’s supposed to
  • The pipes make noise
  • There’s corrosion on the pipes
  • The pipes are leaking
  • There are water pressure issues

Of course, one should call a professional the moment they notice any one of these signs. The sooner the problem is eradicated, the better it is for the homeowner’s pocket as well as their home’s plumbing system. 

The Different Piping Materials 

Homeowners might not be aware of this, but there are a few different types of piping materials on the market. Some materials are better than others, depending on the needs of the home. 

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Some of the popular piping materials include:

  • Copper pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • PEX pipes
  • Polypropylene pipes
  • Galvanized pipes

PVC pipes are the best value overall, but copper pipes are known for lasting the longest. A professional can help homeowners decide which material is best for their home if they aren’t aware, but the decision is ultimately up to them. 

What It Takes To Repipe a Home

When it comes to repiping a home, the best time to have it done is when the homeowner plans on being away from the home for most of the afternoon. If the homeowner works a 9-5, this is the perfect time to have the repiping done because it leads to the least disruption in their daily life. 

The water has to be turned off as well before repiping starts. Homeowners might not realize that the plumber will most likely make small cuts in the walls and drywall to locate the pipes. This leads to inevitable repairs, but that is one of the reasons repiping is so costly. 

In the end, it is always good to have repiping professionally installed because it ensures the homeowner knows the condition of their pipes and can maintain them accordingly. 

Allens Plumbing Is Here To Stay

There’s no need for Aiea/Oahu, HI residents to panic when the professionals at Allens Plumbing arrive. They work hard to keep their customers safe and happy, no matter what because they know how frustrating plumbing problems are. Call today to schedule repiping services!