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Tips to Keep the Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

The end of every year is a festive time when families gather together to celebrate with meals and traditions. Despite the celebratory nature of the season, it usually ends up being one of the most fast-paced and busy couple of months for the entire year. Staying so busy and working hard to feed hungry holiday guests means there is little time for problems. Everything has to be perfect.

With all the extra cooking during the holiday season, garbage disposals work overtime to help holiday hosts dispose of food waste and keep the kitchen clean. When garbage disposals start acting up, they can be a major hassle and bring holiday observances to a halt. It's essential to take good care of the garbage disposal during this time to prevent problems interrupting plans. Here are some tips from local experts to help the holidays and the kitchen plumbing flow more smoothly.

Don't Dispose of Most Food Waste in the Disposal

Garbage disposals are great pieces of equipment. They gained popularity in homes because they help protect the kitchen plumbing from clogs that form when food waste is discarded down the sink. However, garbage disposals may be the most misunderstood appliance in the home.

Some of the specific types of waste that should never go into a garbage disposal are:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Cooking fats and oils
  • Vegetable peels
  • Bones and nut or seafood shells
  • Food scraps

Garbage disposals are intended only to handle residual food waste on dishes. The best tip is to simply discard all food waste in the trash or compost bin. This keeps the garbage disposal from becoming overwhelmed and allowing clogs to form. Putting too many things down the disposal at once can cause damage. It's also essential to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the blades or pipes.

running waterFlush the Garbage Disposal with the Proper Temperature Water

For the food that does make it into the sink and down the drain, it is vital to use water to flush it through the plumbing so it doesn't contribute to clogs. The water temperature used to flush the garbage disposal is also very important. If greasy residues are sent down the drain, flush with cold water. The cold water will help thicken grease so that it doesn't stick to drain pipes. As a default, it is a good idea to flush with cold water first.

Once all the debris is down the drain, switch to hot water to wash down the sink. This helps loosen sticky foods and keep the garbage disposal blades clean. Shut off the motor and allow hot water to flow for a few seconds to thoroughly flush the pipes below the sink.

garbage disposal repairUse Professional Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Following these tips to prevent garbage disposal problems is important, but there are times when the professionals should be called. Garbage disposal installation and repair can be dangerous since these appliances are powerful. Always call a professional when the garbage disposal starts showing signs like:

  • Strange noises or vibrations
  • Leaks
  • Clogs
  • The disposal is not turning on or is not disposing of food waste properly
  • Garbage disposal reset button keeps tripping

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