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Solutions for Dealing With Water Hammer

Creepy sounds can happen all year long in the home. Laying in bed at night, it can be easy to let the mind wander and build scary stories to go with the sounds heard as the home settles for the day. When the sounds come from the plumbing hidden within the walls, the scary stories may be more true than homeowners care to acknowledge.

Noisy and banging water pipes are common problems in most homes. At some point, the plumbing system will age to the point that it becomes noisy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a sign that the plumbing is old. It is a sign that repairs are needed. Here are a few tips for dealing with the noisiest conditions pipes can display: water hammer.

What Is a Water Hammer?

Water hammer describes the sound that pipes make when valves are opened and closed within a plumbing system. The term is descriptive because it sounds exactly like someone hitting water-filled pipes with a hammer. Since water is such a great noise and mechanical force conductor, the hydraulic shock wave can reverberate throughout the home, traveling back and forth through every pipe several times before dissipating. When everything in the home is quiet, the sound of water hammer can be truly unnerving.

Dealing with a water hammer is easy. Special devices are installed in plumbing systems during the installation of piping that dampen the shock wave using air pockets or springs. However, these devices can wear out, allowing the pipes to feel the full effect of the water hammer.

water hammerConsequences of Water Hammer

Water hammer doesn’t just sound violent. It is violent. The hydraulic shock that travels through piping when valves are closed quickly is enough to weaken pipe joints and shake pipes loose from their mounts. If pipes are properly mounted, then the wave can cause pipes to rub against nearby objects. With enough repeated movement, leaks or burst pipes are sure to follow.

Leaks and flooding resulting from damaged or burst pipes are some of the most expensive problems a homeowner can handle. Having to pay for disaster restoration and living in a construction zone for as long as several months can be a lot to handle. Instead, call a professional when the water hammer is first heard to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen.

fixing water hammerSolutions for Noisy Water Pipes

Dealing with noisy pipes is a job for professionals. Stopping water hammer means understanding the intricacies of the plumbing as a whole. Their experience allows professionals to repair water hammer dampening devices while addressing potential damage sites within a plumbing system. After the water hammer is addressed, they will inspect the piping and repair mounts so the pipes don’t have to handle stress. They may also recommend upgrading certain piping sections if they suspect pipe portions are weakened.

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