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How To Tell if Repiping Services Are Overdue

The plumbing system is one of the sturdiest parts of any home, built to last for decades no matter what kind of material it is made of. Whether made of CPVC, PEX, copper, PVC, or ABS, a home’s plumbing should last at least 40 years, almost double that for particular types of drain pipes, especially if they’ve been taken care of and maintained well. But as with all things, even good ones, everything eventually ends. When it’s time for pipes to retire, it’s good for homeowners to know when that time comes so they can save themselves the trouble of unnecessary repairs that may become more expensive than repiping a house in the first place. Here are a few signs that point to the need for repiping.

Leaks and Pipe Repairs Are Happening Too Often

One leaking pipe every few years may not be a red flag, but if this occurrence increases within a very short period, that probably points to a deeper problem than an isolated pipe leak. Either there is something systematically wrong with the plumbing that requires expert and immediate attention, or the pipes have reached retirement age and should be replaced.

Some common causes of pipe problems include broken seals, clogs causing blockages, loose or broken pipe joints or connectors, pipe corrosion, and even high water pressure. Any of these may be the reason behind a problematic pipe, and they are the key to finding a solution. Still, if these pipe issues continue to pop up and the frequency of repairs increases without diminishing, it might be time to consider overhauling the plumbing with an entirely new set of pipes.

Water Pressure Is Suboptimal 

showerLow water pressure that causes fixtures to drip instead of gush is one of the worst things to deal with at home. Not only do they take the joy out of showers, but they also make household chores cumbersome. Imagine washing dishes or hands under a slow stream of water. How long would that take? 

Below-average water pressure may indicate that something is wrong with the pipes; either there is a blockage or a leak causing water to slow down in the delivery process. No matter the reason, if the problem persists and no amount of leak repair seems to be doing the trick, then it might be time to consider that the pipes may be old and no longer work efficiently. In this case, the best, most cost-effective solution would be to repipe the system.

Declining Water Quality 

waterWater quality at home has a greater, more direct effect on quality of life than most other things in the house. If water quality begins to decline, health suffers, and home life can become miserable, so water that smells or becomes murky and discolored isn’t something that homeowners should brush off easily. Discoloration and odd smells may be caused by aging and corroded pipes that may be shedding bits and pieces of themselves and particles of rust and other debris onto the water that flows through them. If this occurs in the home, it’s necessary to consider calling a professional and having the home repiped completely.

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