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Essential Services During the Holidays

It’s crucial to take care of plumbing issues before Thanksgiving. While plumbing services may be necessary throughout the year, holidays bring their own set of hurdles. Excessive cooking and non-flushable paper products strain the plumbing system, especially when there are additional guests. 

Plumbers Fix Water and Sewer Linessewer line

Water and sewer lines are not the same. Sewer lines treat and dispose of waste from toilets, dishwashers, and sink drains. Water lines supply the home with clean water so that cooking and showering are possible for the entire household. Both of these lines are critical for all homes regardless if there is a well. 

Damage to the sewer line requires a qualified professional. There can be several causes, including invasive tree roots and corroded pipes. Problems with the water or sewer line are not simple drain issues and cannot be fixed with home remedies or drain cleaners. 

One can notice sewer line damage from the outside. A broken pipe will cause the yard to smell when the water rises above the ground. Indoor signs include mold and water damage to the walls. Both issues can be embarrassing if guests come for dinner, but plumbers can insert a pipe covering or use non-trenching methods to repair the system. 

The Dangers of a Gas Line Leak

A gas line leak exposes the home to methane and non-hydrocarbon gasses. These are toxic fumes that can lead to illness and even death. The only way to know if a gas line has been properly repaired is to use a licensed technician. 

Since gas is not visible, signs of a leak are detected by the household. Dizziness and headaches are usually the first symptoms. The smell of rotten eggs and unusual whistling noises occur when there is a substantial leak. A trained plumber should always handle gas leak repair jobs regardless of how many symptoms are experienced. 

Newer homes are more likely to come with gas leak detectors. These usual tests for signs of methane, propane, carbon monoxide, and radon. Since not all detectors test for every type of gas, it’s important to call a plumber immediately if homeowners notice strange smells. 

Plumbers can inspect the home safely with the right equipment. One can usually repair even older plumbing systems with the right knowledge. 

water heater

Recognizing the Significance of Water Heaters

Temperatures are consistently lower by Thanksgiving. A broken water heater can make the winter months feel unbearable without professional plumbing repair services. 

Many homeowners assume that the water heater is doing its job as long as there is hot water running from the tap. If, after five or ten minutes, the hot water turns warm or completely runs out, this is a sign that something is broken.

The culprit could be a blown fuse, a faulty heating element, or even the thermostat. Plumbers first check the pilot light and thermocouple before examining the gas supply and valves. Homeowners should hire a plumber to flush the water heater twice per year. 

Local plumbers help homeowners save money by consuming less energy. Electric bills decrease after just one month when the heater no longer needs to work twice as hard. Typically one can manage water heater repair services in under a few hours.

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