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Red Flags for Your Relationship with the Water Heater

Valentine's Day is fun for most relationships, but for some, it may be a time to recognize that what once was hot has now grown cold. One of the relationships that homeowners should consider during this time of year is the relationship with the water heater.

Too often, homeowners tend to get too comfortable with the water heater. This breeds complacency, and no one realizes that the relationship has turned sour until it's too late. Don't get caught off guard this year. Take some advice from local water heater experts and look for the red flags the water heater is about to give out. Recognizing the signs early can help homeowners take preemptive action and kick the water heater to the curb before it leaves them out in the cold.


Corrosion is a natural process but is the enemy of all metal plumber parts. Corrosion is when the base metal in steel, iron, copper, and galvanized pipes oxidize and revert to their unrefined forms. This means that pipes become scaled with minerals and brittle; the same thing happens to the water tank.

Corrosion on a water heater is evident in the metal jacket and the fittings above the top of the tank. It will appear as rust on iron and steel parts and look like green powder on copper pipes. In extreme cases, leaks may form that display an extreme loss of integrity in the water heater. At this point, homeowners should quickly consider water heater replacement.

Too Little Hot Water

One of the hallmarks of old water heaters is their inefficiency. After water heaters are installed, homeowners can expect them to lose a little bit of efficiency yearly. This can make it difficult to recognize that the water heater volume is declining, but eventually, it will be evident when the shower suddenly turns cold.

If there just doesn't seem to be as much hot water as there used to be, then it may be time for a water heater replacement. Installing a new water heater can restore lost hot water and allow the homeowner to upgrade to a bigger tank or a water heater with a faster recovery rate.

Energy Bills are Getting Out of Hand


A red flag that goes hand-in-hand with losing hot water is climbing energy bills. With the loss of efficiency, energy bills will start to go up as the water heater has to work harder to provide hot water to the home. All this hard work can take a toll on the unit and cause it to start experiencing more problems.

To avoid this, homeowners should track their utility bills monthly and compare them to yearly averages. Water heaters use a lot of energy, so spikes in inefficiency can be fairly easy to spot. This can allow homeowners to swap out their water heater before it quits completely.

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