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Signs and Tips to Stop Leaks Before They Cause Damage

Water leaks are damaging and wasteful plumbing problems. While it may not seem like a drip from a pipe can cause extensive damage or dramatically affect water bills, water leaks can be some of the most devastating plumbing problems a homeowner can have. To add to the danger, water leaks can develop anywhere in a plumbing system, so the chance of them starting in exposed piping where they will be spotted early is pretty small. 

The water leaks in hidden piping are the most dangerous because they can leak for days and ruin large home sections before they are identified. Learning to catch the signs of water leaks is the only way a homeowner can ensure their home stays safe. Here are a few tips from local experts to help homeowners spot the signs of water leaks and call for leak repairs before more damage occurs. 

Signs of Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks are particularly problematic because they can go undetected for quite a while. Leaks in exposed piping can also cause extensive damage, but they usually are found and repaired before things get bad. Knowing the signs of hidden leaks can give homeowners an advantage regarding time. The earlier they spot the leak, the faster they can get it repaired so that it won’t cause damage. 

The common signs of hidden water leaks are: 

  • Dripping noises between walls or in the ceiling
  • Brown water spots on the ceiling
  • Bubbling paint
  • Sagging sections of drywall
  • High humidity in the home
  • Wet spots on the floor

Spotting the signs isn’t enough. Once these signs are noticed, an owner should call a leak detection service to find the source. This can sometimes be difficult since water can flow far from the source of the leak, but with the right equipment, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Always Monitor High Water Bills 

billsHomeowners should know how their home works to keep it safe and orderly. Whether or not a homeowner spends time tracking their bills every month is up to them, but it can be helpful when spotting problems. This can range from keeping a spreadsheet tracking usage to simply getting a general feel for how much water is used on average. Any deviation from the norm can be a sign that a water leak is present in the home, and a professional will need to be called to find and repair the leak. 


Use the Water Meter to Expose Leaks 

water meterSavvy homeowners need to know tricks to help them stave off the chaos in a home. One of the best tricks for spotting water leaks is using the equipment already in the home to tattle on water leaks. This is done by simply observing the water meter. 

To track water usage, utility companies use very sensitive meters to track water flow. While they are intended to make billing accurate, homeowners can use them to determine if water flows through the meter despite everything being turned off. Try this trick every few months to ensure no hidden leaks are found in the home. 

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