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Don't Be Weighed Down By Low Water Pressure

As long as plumbing in a home runs fine, homeowners tend to pay it little mind. However, as soon as water starts backing up into sinks or toilets refuse to flush, plumbers are called for emergency service. 

Low water pressure in a home's drains is one of the most common problems to have with plumbing. Fortunately, it is also easily fixed and easily preventable. This Valentine's Day, take a page out of these local plumbers' books and learn how to break up with low water pressure for good. 

Why Does Low Water Pressure Happen?

Low water pressure results from a clogged drain line somewhere in the system. The first location that is usually the site of a drain clog is directly under the appliance that isn't draining properly. When debris and foreign matter build up inside a drain line, their first stop is directly under the appliance, so there is a high likelihood that the drain is clogged there. 

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The second likely place for a drain clog is in the sewer main that drains the entire home and meets up with the municipality's sewer service. Sewer mains have to deal with all of the waste that a home generates, making them a likely candidate for clogs. Additionally, sewer mains are subject to seismic activity and tree roots that can penetrate the line and cause a clog. 

Repairing the Causes of Low Water Pressure

When drains clog, calling a plumber is the best option to get repairs done quickly. Plumbers are experienced and trained to deal with all manner of clogs, and they have the tools to repair drains quickly. 

For clogs that only affect one point of use, a plumber will probably choose to dismantle the drain under the sink or bathtub. The p-trap that is part of the drain is designed to stop large debris from making it into the larger drainage system. The plumber can remove foreign matter and then see if the drain needs further cleaning. 

For clogs present in the sewer main, a plumber will opt to snake the line or hydrojet. A plumbing snake is an auger designed to break up and remove clumps of roots or clogs of debris inside a sewer. Hydrojetting is a similar method of drain cleaning that removes blockages and cleans the sewer's inside walls. 

How To Keep Low Water Pressure From Happeningletters

Here are a few simple steps that homeowners can follow to reduce the need for emergency drain cleaning:

  • Schedule routine cleanings before emergencies occur
  • Don't use chemical cleaners since they can cause more damage
  • Use hair guards in sinks and bathtubs
  • Don't flush wipes or excessive amounts of toilet paper
  • Throw kitchen scraps in the trash instead of down the garbage disposal
  • Discard kitchen grease in the trash

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