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Root Clogs in Home Piping

Do You Need Help With Root Clogs?

Roots are often the source of clogs for pipes or sewer lines and can lead to major backups and plumbing emergencies. Interestingly, roots can enter pipes through small cracks or loose joints. They are drawn to the pipes due to the water vapor that pipes emit.

Unfortunately, once roots enter pipes, the water in the pipes enables the root to continue to grow. If unaddressed, the root will continue to grow and will eventually clog the pipe leading to a drain or sewage backup.

This can be a plumbing nightmare, so it’s best to be preventive about dealing with clogs. Here are some tips from local professionals about ways to deal with roots in your plumbing system.

Prevent Clogs with Drain Cleaning

drain cleaningRegular drain cleaning can help to keep pipes clear and avoid root clogs. By staying on top of drain cleaning, you can clear out any roots before they grow and fully block pipes. Drain cleaning usually starts with a video inspection of your pipes.

This enables your plumber to know of any issues in the pipe and to plan for cleaning out the pipes. Next, your plumber will likely use drain snaking to clear any obstructions from pipes. In some cases hydrojetting is necessary to thoroughly clean pipes.

This process involves sending high-pressure streams of water throughout your pipes. It’s best to get your drains cleaned at least every two years. However, if you have concerns about clogs or root issues, you should contact a plumber to have your drains inspected and professionally cleaned.

Avoid Root Clog Disasters

If not addressed, roots in pipes will continue to grow and spread throughout pipes. Over time, this can cause a variety of plumbing disasters. As roots grow, it will lead to slow drainage and decreased flow through pipes. Ultimately, it can lead to a complete backup of your plumbing system.

root clog disasters

What’s worse, because roots will continue to grow if unchecked, they put substantial pressure on your pipes. This can lead to cracked or burst pipes. Either outcome requires substantial repairs and cleanup. Plus, a backed-up system or a burst pipe is expensive and stressful. As a result, it’s important to timely deal with root clogs to prevent this type of plumbing disaster.

Ways to Stall Tree Root Growth

stall tree root growthIn addition to drain cleaning, there are things you can do to slow down or prevent root growth in your pipes. Copper sulfate crystals can be an effective way to slow down root growth. When copper sulfate comes into contact with roots, it will kill them. This stops the growth in your pipe, but will not travel up the root to kill anything beyond what it comes into contact with.

Pouring copper sulfate crystals down your toilet can be an effective way to stop and prevent root clogs. However, there can be side effects with root-killing products, so it’s best to talk with a professional before using any chemicals in your plumbing system.

Root clogs can mean big problems for your plumbing system and can lead to plumbing disasters. If you’re concerned about how your pipes are draining or fear that you have roots in your pipes, it’s best to have your pipes inspected and cleaned as soon as possible.

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