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Black Friday Should Not Equal Black Pipes

Essential Tips For Avoiding Corroded Pipes

As the holiday season approaches, it's good to not confuse Black Friday with black pipes. A special day should not be ruined by a major catastrophe, such as corrosion in your pipes.

It is always important to check your pipes to ensure that no problems sneak up on you. So, as a reminder to make sure that you don’t have black pipes, use this upcoming Black Friday to check for some common corroded pipe problems!

Corrosion of Copper Pipes

copper pipesIf you happen to see black copper in your pipes, this may clearly indicate the presence of high sulfur levels or other gross chemicals in the air, such as sewer gas.

This could also be an indication that the pipe itself is coming into contact with non-compatible metals, such as galvanized steel.

People need to be aware that cheaper versions of copper steel are available and, as a result, can lead to a large number of problems.

They can develop impurities that over time can introduce themselves to the surface of the pipes.

Water Heater Corrosion

Many water heaters are designed to fight against corrosion. But, if you start to see black specks coming out of your water, a problem exists. Unfortunately, when water heaters begin to corrode, it is most likely time for a brand new heater. Corrosion that stays limited to the heat exchanger, burners, or other parts that can be replaced, the water heater has a better chance of surviving.

corroded water heater

But, if you notice any black specks coming out of the shower, tub, or sink, this should be your first indication that your water heater could be corroding. It is important to call a professional immediately upon seeing this.

The Perks of Pipe Cleaning

pipe cleaningOne final way that you can try to avoid corroding pipes is to get your pipes cleaned. Minerals such as iron and magnesium along with algae and pipe degradation can cause the water to turn black and ultimately corrode the pipes.

Users need to be careful with using the wrong kind of pipe cleaners that could ultimately cause more problems. If left untreated, people could face some serious health issues.

These types of pipes are exceptionally dangerous and a professional should be called immediately to protect yourself and your family.

It could be a simple fix or something more in-depth. Regardless, a professional would be able to give you the best-case scenario.

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