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Family Quality Time

Enjoy a Holiday Dinner, Not Holiday Plumbing Issues

This time of year is about getting together with loved ones, being grateful for what one has, and lots and lots of food. This is the general cultural expectation, to say the least. When a person is expecting an abundance of both food and guests, it can make a home a bit harried and tax all of the home’s amenities and appliances. The sudden explosion of people in the home can lead to an explosive plumbing situation.

The Terror of the Clogged Toilet

Even if Auntie didn’t make her mystery pie for the dinner gathering, more people will still be using the facilities than on a normal day. This, of course, can lead to problems with a clogged toilet.

While having the plunger on standby and the plumber on speed dial may be a good start, there are other ways to deal with this problem in the bathroom plumbing.

  • New Toilet Installation: Don’t ignore signs that it is time to replace a toilet, especially if company is expected. A new pressure-assisted toilet or dual-flush system may be just the perfect preventative solution.
  • Checking/Adjusting Tank Settings: If a host makes sure their toilet is using water in the best possible way for the home, this can prevent problems.
  • Call the Experts: Plumbers are available not only for clogged toilet repair but to answer any questions customers may have.

Prevent a Clogged Drain With These Garbage Disposal Tips

Kitchen sink drainWhile everyone’s busy cooking, cleaning, and decorating this holiday season, the garbage disposal does all the heavy work. Using a combination of masher plates, water, and suction, these appliances carry away waste in seconds. Last night’s leftovers quickly become out of sight, out of mind.

Even a perfect garbage disposal is prone to clogs, though, and a homeowner may recognize a clog if the sink doesn’t drain, there are smells coming from the drain, or waste backs up into the sink itself.

Some preventative measures to avoid clogs include:

  • Avoid pouring grease down the drain: While grease won’t destroy the garbage disposal itself, it’ll do a number on its connective pipes. Grease can congeal and cause solid clogs, making it difficult (or even impossible) for the garbage disposal to eliminate waste. Over time, the grease might even form into masses called “fatbergs,” which are clogs made of slime, food, and waste. This can obstruct the water coming to and from the kitchen sink.
  • Avoid putting certain food down the drain: Garbage disposals accept most organic materials, like vegetables, plant matter, and liquid. Yet, homeowners should avoid tossing raw meat, corn cobs, and apple cores down the drain. Even if these items don’t cause a clog, they can weaken the disposal’s blades.

Homeowners should have kitchen plumbing experts check their garbage disposals at least once a year. That way, these professionals can catch problems sooner rather than later.

Be Thankful For Drain Maintenance

man fixing kitchen sink drainRegular drain cleaning is the best way to prevent any of these problems from happening. If someone were to ask a service professional the best way to prevent home plumbing issues, the answer would be maintenance. Consider drain cleaning as a form of maintenance for the drainage pipes.

Here are just a few of the benefits that arise from regular drain maintenance:

  • Clog Elimination
  • Increased Pipe Longevity
  • Helps Prevent Microbial Growth
  • Prevents Build up

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