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Improve Your Plumbing System

Taking Better Care of the Home’s Plumbing Systems in 2022

This year homeowners should add to their New Year’s resolutions that they want to take better care of their plumbing systems. The plumbing in modern homes is a luxury that many take for granted until it breaks down. To avoid unnecessary repairs in 2022, homeowners should intend to take better care of their plumbing systems all year long. 

Pay Attention to What Gets Flushed toilet
Not only can flushing the wrong thing down the toilet clog the drain, it can also cause a backup in the sewer line. To avoid calling the plumber for unnecessary toilet repairs this year, homeowners should know what items should not be flushed down the toilet. 

A clogged toilet or sewer line can cause human waste to backflow into the house, creating a health hazard and property damage. One can avoid these kinds of plumbing emergencies by paying attention to what gets flushed down the toilet and keeping up with annual system maintenance. 

Children are notorious for flushing things down toilets, so parents should talk with their kids about what does and does not get flushed. For adults that also could use a reminder of what not to flush, here is a list of things that one should never flush down a toilet:

  • Baby wipes or sanitary wipes 
  • Paper towels 
  • Trash 
  • Diapers 
  • Menstrual products 
  • Q-Tips or cotton pads 
  • Dental floss 
  • Cigarette butts
  • Hair 
  • Gum 
  • Cat litter
  • Grease 
  • Bleach 
  • Food 

Don’t Overlook Leaking Plumbing Fixtures 

Some leaky pipes or fixtures can be harder to detect than others. Not every pipe in the plumbing hardware is exposed to the eye, and a long time can go by before the homeowner notices a leak in a plumbing fixture that is hidden. 

Over time, a leaking pipe hidden inside of a wall can develop into serious water damage, compromising the house's structural integrity and promoting the growth of mold. One should always do water leak repair as soon as possible to prevent the water damage from getting out of control and becoming a costly problem. 

This year homeowners should set the intention to keep a lookout for water leaks in hidden places throughout the home. The boiler, the pipes, and any outdoor faucets are all areas that could spring a leak unnoticed. In addition to visually looking for signs of a leak, homeowners should also listen closely to any dripping noises they hear that could indicate a leaking pipe inside a wall. 

calendar Schedule a Drain Cleaning Appointment 

This year is the year to finally schedule a drain cleaning appointment with a professional plumbing company! Over time drains can become filthy on the inside, with mineral deposits from the water joining together with pieces of hair, scraps of food, old toothpaste, and whatever other debris has found its way down the drain. 

During drain cleaning appointments, a highly trained plumber will do a deep clean of the pipes, removing any debris that could cause plumbing blockages or foul smells to come from the drain. Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance such as drain cleaning can help to improve the longevity of the plumbing systems and prevent plumbing emergencies in the upcoming year. 

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