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What Kind of Water Filter Kills Viruses?

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Not all water filters are the same, and there are many different types, which can be divided into the categories of “microfiltration” and “ultrafiltration.” Microfiltration systems are effective at filtering out many particles, but ultrafiltration uses an even more powerful filter to clean water more effectively. There are water filters on the market that do an effective job of removing viruses.

Filtration and distillation can be a strong tool in protecting you and your family from the potential pitfalls of waterborne disease, bacteria, and viruses. If you are looking for more information on the different types of water filters that can kill viruses, keep reading for the complete list.

What Does Ultrafiltration Do?

ultrafiltrationWhile microfiltration will remove many particles from the water, the most powerful type of filtration goes beyond that. Ultrafiltration is significantly more powerful and does a lot more to neutralize potential pathogens in drinking water, while keeping you from being sick!

It is commonly used to purify cow milk for human consumption. The main importance of mentioning the difference between microfiltration and ultrafiltration is that the ultrafiltration process can do everything that microfiltration can do, but in addition to that, it filters out viruses such as Enteric, Norovirus, and Rotavirus.

Waterborne viruses can enter the home through tap water and cause you and your family to get sick. An ultrafiltration system is a highly effective method of removing viruses from a water supply according to the CDC.

What Distillation Process Removes Viruses?

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Distillation involves taking advantage of the evaporation process of water to remove contaminants. As the water is heated and evaporates it will leave behind a lot of the particles.

A distillation system will capture the clean water vapor and convert it back to a cleaner, distilled, water. Distilled water has many uses in addition to drinking.

When it comes to getting rid of bacteria from the water, distillation processes can help. A lot of these systems are very effective for removing such bacteria as E. Coli and Salmonella. The CDC states that in addition to being great for removing bacteria from the water, a distillation system is also an effective method for removing certain viruses.

What Are UV Water Treatments?

uv waterOne modern advancement in the fighting against pollutants in water is the UV water treatment system. This form of water purification employs the use of UV light.

This light neutralizes or kills off bacteria in the water. There are UV water treatments that have been found to be highly effective at removing a variety of viruses.

While ultraviolet light systems are perfect for killing bacteria, germs, and viruses, they do not remove all particles or chemicals from the water. Preventing many diseases can be as simple as having the right water treatment system.

Ultraviolet lights are just one of the many ways that homeowners can protect their families from the effects of viruses and bacteria carried in the water supply.

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